The FarmGirls have harvested some beautiful fall vegetables.

White scallop squash, spaghetti squash and zucchini squash, arugula, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, kale and collards are all producing.  

With the coming of fall the DFW Truck Farm has been revamped and the vegetables and herbs are flourishing.

Traveling to schools we cherish the opportunities to connect the children with real food.  

The original DFW Truck Farm has been retired and is at the Texas Discovery Gardens located in Fair Park.  

When visiting the State Fair of Texas be sure and stop by the Texas Discovery Gardens and walk to the back of the park to see the retired truck with a vibrant vegetable garden still producing and providing garden education.

October is a great month to plant trees in Texas.  Planting in the fall allows the root structure to develop and establish before our long hot summer months arrive.  

Selecting trees can be challenging. It is wise to research trees that grow well in North Central Texas.

Some important facts to consider are the mature size of the tree, the expectant longevity of the tree and whether the tree is deciduous or evergreen.  

A home owner may be concerned with the fruit the tree may or may not drop, such as the bur oak has very large acorns.  

Specific interest may be considered such as fall color, spring color or winter interest.

If you are looking for a very large shade tree, oak trees may be a good selection.  

There are several oaks that do very well in our area. Oak trees are slow growing and have hard wood, making them less attractive to damaging pest and less susceptible to wind damage.  

While it is possible for these trees under stress such as a drought to have problems, oak trees have proven to be very durable.  Shumard Red Oak, Bur Oak, Live Oak and Chinquapin are all sturdy and lovely shade trees.  

The oak trees range in heights from 50 to 80 feet at full maturity and their mature size must be considered when planting.

The Chinese Pistachio is a beautiful shade tree that offers gorgeous fall colors.  

This 50 foot rounded shade tree will provide fall colors ranging from yellow to orange to maroon. The female has a showy fruit cluster in the fall. However the male tree provides a better overall plant habitat.

If the home owner desires a specimen tree the red bud may be a good selection.

The red bud is a small rounded tree that will grow 25 to 35 feet tall.  This flowering tree will provide color very early spring. It has glossy heart shaped leaves and lavender to wine colored blooms.

There are many wonderful varieties of trees to select from be sure and purchase from a reputable nursery that is knowledgeable about their trees.  

Many nurseries will plant and provide a one year replacement agreement for trees that have been properly maintained.  

When planting trees consider them a new planting for at least a year and keep them undera careful maintenance plan and observation for that time.

Fall for gardeners is almost like a second spring I hope all of our gardening friends are able to be out enjoying their gardens.  

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