Bruce Sherbet is the real hero of Tuesday’s primary election in Ellis County.

You might not know his name, but if you followed the election returns Tuesday evening — and appreciated the fact that Ellis County reported results throughout the evening and were pleasantly surprised to find that the final totals were posted well before most folks have to go to bed — thank Bruce Sherbet.

Mr. Sherbet is the interim Ellis County Elections Administrator appointed to get the county through this election cycle following Jane Anderson’s retirement last fall.

While we have no say in the matter, we STRONGLY recommend the Ellis County Commissioners Court remove the “interim” tag from his title and make his appointment permanent.

With permission to speak on behalf of Jim Phillips and Ken Roberts at KBEC AM 1390, we are extremely appreciative of the professional, efficient manner Mr. Sherbet’s team handled Tuesday’s election and their ability to provide timely results.

As the media, we are appreciative to have been able to report results as ballots from each precinct were turned in and counted.

We are appreciative to have finally been able report reactions from watch parties while there was still a crowd. (There have been elections with returns running so late the candidates would actually tell us to call them in the morning to let them know if they won or not).

Most of all, we are appreciative that Ellis County is no longer the 250th county in Texas to post its returns on election night.

Great job and thank you, Bruce Sherbet.

While we don’t have a vote, we would very much like to see Mr. Sherbet’s role as Ellis County Elections Administrator be made permanent.