To the Editor,

Regarding the government shut down over defunding or delaying ObamaCare. Harry Reid, Senate Democrats and Obama have repeatedly said no compromise on the health care law.  This is a law that was voted in when the democrats controlled congress and without one Republican vote, as well as being very unpopular with a majority of Americans. This is partisan politics at its worst! The hypocrisy of this administration is astounding. Obama is trying to blame Republicans for the government’s shutdown when he and Harry Reid refuse to negotiate on even the basic flaws of this law, some of which Reid is quoted as saying “Its a stupid tax.” What is even worse — the liberal media will not report the facts regarding this health care, job killing monstrosity and cover up the truth of what democrats call “a train wreck” protecting Obama and this malignant piece of health care tax trash. The Obama Administration awarded Big Business with a delay. Congress was given a special exemption.  Labor Unions supported ObamaCare from the very beginning becoming important cheerleaders for the administration. Now, union leaders realize just how bad ObamaCare is for their members. Union leaders sent Pelosi and Reid a scathing letter stating the law will “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week” and confirms that many employers are cutting employees’ hours.

Now, labor unions are exempt as well.  Pelosi’s restaurant workers are exempt as well. It’s time for equality under the law.  Exempt America!

Lisa Talmage,

Azle, Texas