To the Editor,

Housing is an important economic component in lifting individuals and families out of poverty. The Ellis County Habitat for Humanity does more than build houses — they build strong families. Whether the homes is for a traditional family unit or as is the present case for a grandparent raising grandchildren. Habitat for Humanity will kick off its “Home for the Holidays,” a major fundraising campaign on Nov. 22 at 5 p.m. at Waxahachie Bible Church, 621 North Grand St., Waxahachie. This organization will build a decent, safe, affordable house for this grandparent, providing a home for her grandchildren. As we all know, our grandchildren give us that extra push to do extraordinary things. This is how it works: eligible families or individuals apply to Habitat for Humanity on the basic principles of a need for safe, decent and affordable housing, willingness to partner with Habitat and the ability to pay a mortgage. Obstacles confront many potential homeowners, but these can be overcome while building “sweat equity” hours. It is important to connect families to the community.

Why support Ellis County Habitat for Humanity now?

Because it is hard to say no to something that is so easy while participating in something bigger. Consider what you would spend on a family dinner in a restaurant. OK, place that amount in an envelope. Easy, breezy. But wait, your donation is going exactly where it is needed — back into the community. You will have made a personal connection that you have assisted a grandparent in your community transition into a home of her own. Think of the impact your donation will provide. Donors trust Habitat for Humanity, which strives to enable families to be self-sufficient and proud members of their community.

The Festival of Trees is a fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity of Ellis County. Money raised will be used to help build decent, affordable housing for low income families in Ellis County. Join Ellis County residents who are generous with their time and donations that support “Home for the Holidays” on Nov. 22 from 5-9 p.m. at Waxahachie Bible Church. Habitat for Humanity will emphasize family and will include activities for children such as the “North Pole Experience,” cookie decorating, crafts and helping children write letters to Santa and having their picture taken with Santa.

Admission is free, but a nominal fee will be charged for the North Pole Experience.”

Please join Ellis County Habitat for Humanity Festival of Trees on Facebook or email Contact Teresa McNiel at 214-244-0711 for additional information.

I support Ellis County Habitat for Humanity and you will be glad you did, too.

Charles “Chuck” Beatty,

Waxahachie City Councilor