To the Editor,

Call it what you will, our elected officials have no interest in the needs of the American people or our Constitutional Republic form of government. What a disappointment our Congressional leaders have become. We have reached an impasse in our nation’s history. We are no longer the masters of our own government, we are the slaves.

With a few laudable exceptions, the recent Republican stand was nothing more than a side show attraction intended solely for self promotion. It was the vain attempt by most Republicans to salvage their own political careers. Do not believe the deceptions.

Our form of government was strategically designed to protect the rights of the individual citizen. We do not have a democracy where majority rules. We had a government established to protect the rights of each citizen to seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We flourished during the 19th century and established our nation as a leader among world powers, not because of government support, but because the government stayed out of the way of capitalism and the free market.

Then there were a few changes. Income taxes went from voluntary to mandatory, and finally to insane. The great socialist, Franklin D. Roosevelt, established social programs to take from those who had, to give to those who had not.  His radical programs were being consistently shot down by the Supreme Court to the point that FDR threatened to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices so he could fill the court with his appointees. Did anyone read about the “switch in time that saved nine” during your years in government schools?

In 1936 SCOTUS said that Congress did have an independent power to spend for the general welfare. The result was an ever-expanding welfare state and since then Congress has refused to resist the unreasonable demands on the public treasury under the guise of “general welfare.”  Living in fear of the court packing threats from FDR the Supreme Court again and again caved in and granted more power to the federal government.

Obama is not the first, just the most recent. FDR intentionally ignored and undermined the U. S. Constitution; disregarded the rule of law; and abhorred every major principle upon which our ancestors stood.  Sound familiar?     

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. (Karl Marx, 1975).     

For a society of social entitlements to thrive it must have someone to pay the bills. Someone has to be productive. Someone has to earn the income and pay the taxes. Today 49 percent of Americans pay no income taxes. That means that 51 percent are paying 100 percent of the taxes, and that is on top of gasoline tax; food tax; sales tax; etc.

There are no true representatives serving our Nation in Washington.  Today we have career politicians who are more concerned about keeping their jobs than serving the people. They have nothing in common with the average American citizen.  We are simply a means to getting them elected, over and over again ... and we just keep behaving like the good worker bees we are.

Tax and spend is the theme of the day. Ignore tomorrow. Ignore the debt. Ignore the law. It is hard for any patriot to witness the agonizing death throes of our constitutionally created Republic. It is demoralizing to witness our Congress pass bills they have not even bothered to read, more so when we discovery they are exempt from those mandates they place on you and I. It is even worse when they try to convince us they are working on the problems.

Power corrupts; Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton, 1887). Our government is absolutely corrupted.

Rodney Pat Ramsey,