To the Editor,

There was a very good article in the Dallas newspaper Sunday edition reprinted from the New York Times (a very liberal newspaper) criticizing the I-Net program to get people to sign up for Obamacare (ACA) insurance. It was based on interviews with two dozen contractors of professional people involved in the program.

The liberal bias of the Dallas paper is obvious by the fact that this article was on the very last interior page of the Sunday front-page edition. By the article, it is obvious that the need to kick-off the program by Oct. 1 was strictly political.  Technologically, it was nowhere near ready to initiate even though “… over $400-million… ” had been thrown at it. I wonder where those funds came from when we are under a “sequester?”… and were the funds considered in all the pre-program liberal political rhetoric of justification.

The Administration’s haste for initiation was driven by the President’s refusal to even consider a delay proposed by the House Republicans for economic (not even technological) reasons.  The article has quotes from several government technological sources involved in the development of the I-Net program that testify to the fact that they warned it was not ready yet.

It’s no wonder the system is performing poorly (if at all for some folks). Its chief digital architect is a guy name “Henry Chao.” The program is under the umbrella of one of the most inefficiently run agencies, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), headed by Katherine Sebellius.

Our President, Senator Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi (both “bobbing heads” with no clues to reality) are driving this rig and our country to destruction. Looks like Nancy is now “finding out what’s really in” the bill … at taxpayer’s expense.

It is obvious in just the first few weeks of attempts by those trying to use the system, everyone will be paying more for health insurance. Since the liberals are bent on providing this “Universal” coverage for the entire U.S. population, whether legal citizen or not, and since ACA’s favorable prior cost projections were not even close, let them pay for it by deleting all foreign aid from the Federal budget, and if that’s not even enough funds, take the rest of the funds from existing HHS programs.

Jim (JD) Doskocil,