To the Editor,

The Ninth Annual Pink Ribbons and Hearts Luncheon, sponsored by the Dinah Weable Breast Cancer Survivors Event Committee, was a resounding success. There were approximately 260 survivors and their family members in attendance, and it was truly an enjoyable affair.

The Waxahachie Daily Light did a fantastic job of publicizing the luncheon, and your efforts on our behalf are sincerely appreciated.  As with any successful event, it takes a lot of support and help to make it a reality, and our committee would like to thank each person who donated to the cause.

A T&T presented a grant to our group in January, 2013, and this was a great boost to helping us meet our mission. Baylor Hospital was the sustaining sponsor for the event, and we sincerely appreciate their support. The luncheon was underwritten by Vintage Bank, and we thank Jeff Frazier for his generosity and his willingness to help. We are very grateful to the Waxahachie Firefighters Association for benefiting us through the sale of their pink T-shirts. Cindy Smith collects pink door-prizes from one year to the next, and her effort brings smiles to the faces of the recipients. Our gratitude is, also, extended to all of those others who donated to our cause.

Those donors are: Hilco Electric Trust, Holcim/Texas, Ray and Dinah Weable, Kevin and Darla Chester, Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center, Lou Ann Holbrook, Don and Diann Wilson, Citizens National Bank of Texas, Ione Sullivan, Representative Jim Pitts, Mrs. Melvin Loveless, Kenneth and Jennifer Brooks, Richard and Elizabeth Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Reeves, Sylvia and Greg Sallee, Patricia Fallin, Annette and Jim Cooper, Sharon Cooper, Nola Pearman, Buddy Banks, Sharon and Bob Dyess, Neal and Dorothy Davis, Cindy Smith, Glenn’s Carpet Warehouse, Bill and Charleene Pitts, Mattie Lou McElroy, Kevin and Cheyenne Weable, Richard and Laurie Todd, Harold and Debbie Barnard, Sam and JoAnne Ventura, Ivan and Mary Alice Warrington, Karen Davis, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Patricia Fallin, Jerry and Shirley Chapman, Kirstie Brown of The Briarpatch, Jenny McQueen, Nancy Rippy, Connie Mathieson, Billy and Kay Price, Ray and Lynn Pike, Myra Gaylor, Grant & Weedon, CPAs, Kim Smith, Judy Nelson, Charles and Mary Flowers, Anana Simmons, Dianne McDonald, Beverly Worthington, Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, Joy Denny, Greg and Dr. Valerie Gorman, Rhonda Simorka, Mattie Upton, Judy Bethea, Pat and David Smith, The Fossil Group, No-Sweat Gym, John and Janet Thornhill, and Auto Spa.

Each person who contributed made this a special day for the survivors of breast cancer, and we cannot fully express our gratitude.

Pat Smith, a breast cancer survivor for 13 years, delivered her message of hope to those who have joined the vast sisterhood of survivors. She was able to encourage others with stories about her own journey and to bring both humor and joy to others.

Each survivor in attendance was photographed as a keepsake from the luncheon. Patrick Wilson, the District and County Attorney for Ellis County, underwrote the cost of the photographer.

Linda Rodriguez of My Sister’s Affair catered the luncheon, and she and her staff did a wonderful job.

The compliments are still coming in about the great food and wonderful service. We sincerely appreciate First United Methodist Church for the use of the Family Life Center as the location for the luncheon, and we thank the Rev. Richard Smith of Farley Street Baptist Church for attending and providing the invocation. Everyone who attended was blessed by having Linda Weiss at the piano, and we truly appreciate her sharing her talent with the group.  

Breast cancer is a frightening reality to anyone who is diagnosed with this disease. However, thanks to early detection via mammograms, it is not a death sentence. As a result of the tremendous support our committee has received from the community, the Dinah Weable Breast Cancer Survivors Event has provided for approximately 600 women from Ellis County to have mammograms.

Our committee works in conjunction with Hope Clinic to provide funding to cover a mammogram and radiology for the uninsured or underinsured women of our area. Baylor Hospital and Hope Clinic are doing a great job, and we believe we may have helped save the life of someone here in Ellis County because of our efforts. We appreciate each person who has been a part of our endeavor.

We have already agreed to pay for 100 mammograms during the next year, and it could not happen without each donor’s generosity.

The Pink Ribbons and Hearts Luncheon began as a way to give breast cancer survivors a chance to come together, share their stories of hope and promise, and to go away feeling blessed by their association with other survivors. The idea has grown, and now we are able to give back to others and offer them a better chance at surviving through early detection, which can lead to a healthy future.  

To each and every person who helped make this year’s luncheon a success, we send a heartfelt “thank you.”  

We look forward to continuing our luncheon next year, and we hope we can reach even more survivors to join us. We feel that, with better education and more advanced technology, there can be a day when breast cancer has been conquered. Until then, we hope to do our part in helping others be able to say with us, “I am a survivor!”

The Dinah Weable Breast Cancer

Survivors Event Committee