To the Editor,

When Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, they presented 10 steps necessary to destroy any free enterprise system and replace it with Communism. Step number two is to establish a heavy progressive or graduated income tax. At that time, this country did not have an income tax. It took 65 years for the progressives to sell it to the American people.  Back then, it was hard to realize the dangers it brought to this nation. Today, we can  see why Marxism considers it a necessary tool to bring down any productive nation and turn it into a Socialist state.

The House Ways and Means Committee (HW&M) oversees the IRS and is considering proposals to fix our tax system. Recent abuses demand the replacement of the IRS and it’s 70,000+ pages of regulations. Kevin Brady (a ranking member of HW&M recently wrote, “Americans shouldn’t fear the IRS.” I disagree.    Every citizen should fear the IRS and should have feared it 100 years ago. The Marxist knew then it would grow into the monster it is today.  I agree with the remainder of Mr Brady’s article promoting the Fair Tax.

Roy Newsom,

Granbury, Texas