To the Editor,

We are awakened from our post-primary malaise by the grating sound of TEA Party teeth once again upon traditional Republican bone. Seems the executive committee of the Chicken Little Brigade sent out marching orders to the local loyal minions to attack those incumbents in run-off elections in order to make it appear the fringe has some legitimacy as the voice of the mainstream party.

We have read that our county judge was said to have “lucked” into re-election by a  contributing columnist to a newspaper published by a losing candidate for her seat in the past primary that was imbedded in an endorsement for a candidate running for  commissioner. I wonder if this person respects the will of the people to elect a judge using their constitutional right rather than hoping to be “lucky” then abiding by the legal results of that election?

This follows a Letter to the Editor last week that criticized the actions of the county court and the county judge.

Can we get more napkins here?

Now we have have a complaint filed against our county judge by another foot soldier of the brigade who just happens to be a losing candidate for county commissioner.

Pass the antacid.

Is this a coordinated effort on the part of a few disgruntled losing candidates to either keep their names in the paper, or part of a continual programmed campaign to cloud the clarity of vision of the good voting population of Ellis County so these interlopers can grab what our county judge and other commissioners have that they want?

Power. Just that. Nothing else.

These brigadiers have no will to serve all the people but want only to bring home an office to lay at their masters feet.

The elected incumbents and those who won the elections to serve the people are the legitimate voice of the people. Every winner outright, and those who had garnered the most votes in the recent primary, has expressed a want to serve the needs of all their constituents, not a directive from a party few goose-step to with others of identical mind. For the legitimate representatives know, unlike their detractors, that the office is to serve all the people of Ellis County and  those of the respective precincts. And a sacred trust between them and the people who employ them.

So when you read an endorsement or criticism,  take time to understand the motivation behind it. Most are honest and credible. Others are intoxicated with the bitter whine of sour grapes.

Vote accordingly. It’s our county.

Alan Fox,