To the Editor,

But a constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. That warning comes from our second president, John Adams; we best give heed to it for we are teetering on the edge of losing our constitutional divided government with its system of checks and balances amid shared power.

When the Republican leadership capitulated to every demand made by Obama and Reid, they did more than give the Democrats everything  they wanted — they gutted the power of the purse from the House and handed it over to the President. Tacked onto the “Continuing Appropriations Act of 2014” was Section 1002, entitled the “Default Prevention Act of 2013.”  Herewith is how the Republican leadership abetted the changing of our government from being one of freedom:

• The President submits a written certification to Congress that “absent a suspension of the [debt] limit … the Secretary of the Treasury would be unable to issue debt to meet existing commitments” (Sect. 1002 (b)).

• The law prohibiting the President from borrowing more money above the existing debt limit “shall not apply” commencing on the date of the President’s written certification to Congress (Sect. 1002 (c) (1)).

• Congress has 22 days from that point in which to enact legislation “disapproving the President’s exercise of authority to suspend the debt ceiling” (Sect. 1002 (d)).

The next part of the section goes into the procedural steps of how the House and the Senate will handle such a joint resolution denying the President this power.  However, the kicker is this: once the joint resolution is passed, the President may veto it forcing Congress to override his veto by a two-thirds vote in both houses — an action not easily done!  In essence, this law now hands over the power to borrow and spend into the hands of one man instead of where it constitutionally belongs, the House of Representatives.

Our forefathers fought a war and put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line in order to break away from this sort of oppression; here, like the proverbial pig, we have returned to wallow in the mud of tyranny.  Many Republicans in the House voted correctly in opposing this resolution, but a question remains. Did they vote on principle or out of political expediency knowing the resolution would pass without their support?  Only a few stood their ground and vocally fought for freedom these past few weeks; I leave it to you to judge as to the motive of their vote.

We deserve better! We can do better!

Frank Kuchar

GOP Congressional candidate

Arltington, Texas