After three full weeks of spring ball, the Indians are now in their final days of spring tune ups.

The team only has one more real practice before the annual Green and White game at 6 p.m. Thursday night at Lumpkins Stadium.

Head coach David Ream is pleased with the overall work during the spring, but knows his young team isn’t quite where it needs to be.

“We’re still not exactly where we need to be yet,” Ream said. “But I think overall we had a very good spring session.”

With only three returning players on each side of the ball, the team will be going through a lot of changes this year. They are playing much better now than they were just two weeks ago, but Ream is worried about what’s going to happen during Thursday’s dress rehearsal.

“The thing that worries me is that we can’t be in the huddle with them on Thursday,” Ream said. “The freshman are used to being in the huddle with us holding up the right play cards and showing them what to do. It’s a lot different under the lights of a real game.”

Without coaches in the huddles and the overall youth of the squad, don’t be surprised if you see a couple botched plays Thursday night. While the coach doesn’t hope for them, he knows that’s part of the process.

“As long as it’s a learning deal for these guys it’s OK,” Ream said. “It’s not like we’re playing another team Thursday. So if they are going to make mistakes, lets do them now.”

The team will have it’s final spring practice from 4-6 p.m. today and the goal now is just polishing up the plays that will be used Thursday night.

“We’re finishing up everything we’re going to do in the games,” Ream said. “We are doing a little scrimmaging at the end of practices and they are getting more confident. With that confidence comes a little more physicality in the playing style so we like seeing that.”

The coach likes a lot of what he’s seen out of the offense, which has been led by sophomore quarterback Selwyn Robins, freshman quarterback Max McCulloch, freshman running back Trevone Smith, junior wide receiver Quinn Sargent and junior linemen Patrick Lawrence and Adrian Zavala. The defense still has a few issues as the coach is still rotating players on that side of the ball to find the best fit.

“We made some moves to get more athleticism out there on the field,” Ream said. “With the game the way it is right now, it’s not as much how fast you are, it’s how quickly you can change directions. Offensively, I think we will be pretty good, but on defense, I think we’re still trying to get more athletes out there.”

One of the moves the team made was flipping Luke Morton and Sammie Overton on the defensive side of the ball. Morton was getting work at defensive end, but will now be playing middle linebacker, a new position for him. Overton was on the line last year, but was trying to be moved to linebacker this spring. He is back at defensive end.

“Luke gives us a lot of mobility back there and he’s got good size and is great in the weight room,” Ream said. “It’s just about trying to immerse him in that position now. He spent all of Monday at that position.”