The Frank Seale Middle School Cubs had a tough week of games against the Wester Wildcats as the team from Mansfield won all five meetings.

The eighth-grade White team traveled to Mansfield to take on Wester and lost a tough fought game 35-0.

Offensively, the Cubs had remarkable efforts from Dylan Murphy, Jon Young, Jett Johnson, Alexander Reese and Ross Greiten.

Defensively, the Cubs received great efforts from Joseph Gets, Dustin Deerfoot, Scott Redmon and Diego Gonzalez.

The eighth-grade Blue Cubs lost a tough game against the Wildcats.  

After the first quarter, the Cubs shut out the Wildcats and held them to only a couple first downs. Leading the way was Evan Flores, who caused a fumble and put FSMS back in the game. Bobby McDonald led the  defense that swarmed to the ball every play.

Trevor Teague had the only touchdown of the night. Will Oliver did a great job of spreading the ball around to all of his receivers while marching down the field.  

The seventh-grade Black team came up short 14-7. The Defense fought really hard flying to the ball. Brian Tabak led the Defense flying to the ball all night.

On offense, Micheal Howard had a great game and scored the only Cub touchdown. All around the Cubs fought hard and played until the last whistle.

The seventh-grade Blue team lost 28-0.  Peyton Lowery had a great day running the ball and made great reads. Jeremiah Boldon ran hard and hit the holes for more than 50 yards rushing. Bryce Fuller made some moves at wide receiver to gain more than 40 yards on the outside.  

Cody Youngblood created havoc in the backfield with a sack and a few tackles for loss. Michael Dershem came down hard and made some big hits at the linebacker position.  

The seventh-grade Blue team fought hard, but just could not find the handle on things as they fell to Wester 35-0. Offensively, the Cubs were led by Josh Tankersley, who helped lead the Cubs at quarterback. Cameron Lipps, Hayden Bradley, Johnathan Thomas and Austin Adams also helped anchor the Cubs offensive.

Although the Cubs struggled defensively, they still fought hard to the end, even late in the third quarter, when Spencer Neal showed his ballhawking ability by coming down with a big interception. Richard Walton, Jaime Martinez, Cameron Lipps, and DJ Frizzell also played great defense.