Amia Fundraising, a small Waxahachie-based start-up, began its focus of bettering the world in September 2012. With a mission of providing individual and organizations with a simple mechanism for raising funds through the avenue of selling quality, fashion jewelry at a value price, all Amia sales must benefit a charity, organization or cause that helps those in need.

On Feb. 13, Amia Fundraising held a Valentine’s Day Mother-Daughter Share the Love Event. Mothers and daughters shopped for accessories while the girls made homemade get well cards to send to the children of St. Jude.

“Our intention was not only to raise money for such a noble cause, but also to show our future generation the power of philanthropy,” said owner and co-founder Kim Phillips. “We were able to raise more than $1,000 and collected numerous cards to send to the children. We understand that the contribution is minimal, but the intent comes from a very organic and loving place and we hope it makes a big impact.”

The idea came from 7-year-old Zoey Hensley. The daughter of one of the fundraising specialists, Hensley was inspired after seeing a St. Jude commercial on TV and wanted to donate her allowance to those children. They partnered with Amia and Ovilla Christian School who provided more handmade cards to send.

Due to the success and fun nature of the event, Phillips and others hope to make it an annual gathering. At Amia Fundraising, they are proud to say, “We are paying it back and paying it forward!”

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