RED OAK- Red Oak ISD Police Sgt. Lori Guarnero was transported to a hospital by ambulance after sustaining minor injuries in a head-on collision Thursday. First responders were notified about the accident at the 100 block of N. Interstate 35E service road when Guarnero radioed in at 11:55 a.m.

“One of the officers on duty was involved in a minor accident in a district squad car, while on her way to a meeting,”Red Oak ISD Director of Communications Adi Bryant said. “She saw the car kind of crossing over so she slowed down to a very slow rate of speed to almost a full stop when they collided.”

Bryant said the officer was traveling eastbound on the access road from Red Oak Road to I-35E. The other driver was traveling southbound on the service road before turning onto the access road, she said. Both vehicles sustained front end damage.

Providing assistance on the call were members of the Red Oak Police and Fire Departments.

“The initial report was of an accident involving a police officer, who radioed that she was injured. When we got there, it was two vehicles in a head-on collision,” Red Oak Fire Chief Eric Thompson said, noting that the vehicles suffered moderate damage.

He said most of Guarnero's minor injuries were from the air bag deployment. She was transported to the hospital for precautionary reasons only, Thompson said.

Guarnero was checked out by staff at the hospital and released later that day. She has been cleared to return to work on Monday.

No injuries were reported from the driver of the second vehicle. Firefighters cleared the scene at 12:15 p.m. and the accident is under investigation by the Red Oak Police Department.