In December 2013, the Daily Light ran “An Angel Needs a Christmas Miracle,” which explained how Vicky Massey and her volunteers at Midlothian Senior Citizen’s Food Pantry feed 441 seniors each week. Living with those seniors are 1,109 children and/or grandchildren who rely upon the food pantry for food. But all her good works came to a grinding halt when an audit of the school district and missing paperwork forced the closure of the Senior Citizen’s Food Pantry.

A public outcry followed in support of the extremely popular and beloved Vicky Massey, including TV reports, radio gigs and more print coverage. The result? The Senior Citizen’s Food Pantry is back in business with more supporters, including financial, than ever.

For Massey and her volunteers, this latest turn of events is being called a “blessing” and the best thing that could have happened for the seniors of Midlothian and those in need of food. In the weeks to come, Massey will be re-opening the Senior Citizen’s Food Pantry. Be looking for the next announcement and grand opening.

On March 23, the Main Street Gym is hosting a Spin-A-Thon to support our seniors and the food pantry. The goal is for people to “buy” a spinning bicycle for one hour and take a spinning class at the gym. With 17 bikes ready to go and 10 hours of spinning available, the Main Street Gym hopes to raise over $6,000 for the Senior Citizen’s Food Pantry.

For more information on how you can ride to support your community or donate money and allow someone to ride in your name, please visit the Main Street Gym. You must pay by cash or check in person to sign in for the hour you desire to ride. For more information, call 972-544-4205. Main Street Gym is located at 1000 Main Street, Suite 205 Midlothian.

For direct donations to the Food Pantry, contact Vintage Bank, 1431 S. Midlothian Parkway in Midlothian, 972-775-2207.