The Midlothian Chamber of Commerce board members hosted their first ever Jingle Mingle event last Thursday evening. Members of the chamber were invited to the Midlothian Civic Center for a drop-in style Christmas gathering. Members were provided food, drinks and a photo review of 2013 was played throughout the event.

Chamber President Cammy Jackson said they wanted a way to show appreciation to all of their members, and said this would be a great way to do that.

“This event is just a way for the board members to show appreciation to our members,” Jackson said. “We've invited the membership as well as the public to attend.”

Members were encouraged to not only enjoy the food that had been provided for them, but to concentrate on establish relationships and networking with local business professionals.

When asked how she came up with the idea, Jackson simply replied, “I wanted a way to show appreciation for our members. To me, holding an event around the holidays just seemed like a great time to do that.”

She added that naming the event was very simple too, because she is really good at coming up with clever names that people can remember.

“I'm really good at coming up with names for events,” Jackson stated. “I usually give them crazy names so that people will remember them. The words 'jingle mingle' just came in my head one day and

it just sounded like a good Christmas event.”

Jackson said she hopes when all is said and done, that each member in attendance will have that since of appreciation and come to understand how important they are to the chamber.

“We want them to walk away from this event feeling appreciated and cared for,” she said. “We may not be able to visit with them, but we do care and appreciate all that they do.”

For those who weren't able to make out to this year's Jingle Mingle, Jackson said not to worry because the chamber is anticipating making this an annual event.

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