Over the past 10 years, Main Street Gym and Therapeutic Partners have been co-existing in the same building in order to meet the needs of the people in the community. It is Midlothian's only family owned and operated fully equipped fitness center. Established in 2003, Main Street Gym prides itself in providing a friendly, safe, clean environment to help people attain their fitness goals.

In light of the growth of the area, and the growing need for their services, owners John and Suzie Devitto are expanding their borders. In late December, early January, clients will have the opportunity to walk through the doors of the new 25,000 square feet building, which will be housed in the old Brookshire's building on Main Street.

“We are really excited about the growth of this business,” John said. “Our clients are going to go from a space of about 6,200 square feet to over 25,000.”

And the couple know exactly what they are going to do with all the added space.

“The physical therapy aspect of what we do will now have a delegated area, which will be separate from the gym,” Suzie said. “At this time, you pretty much have to walk through the physical therapy area to access the gym. That will no longer be an issue.”

In the new facility, Therapeutic Partners will remain a separate entity and have its very own entrance.

The gym itself will consist of the latest fitness equipment, and house the only indoor swimming pool in Midlothian.

“As we were thinking about this expansion, we wanted to make sure that we offered the latest in fitness technology, as well as provide something that everyone could benefit from,” John said. “We looked at several different options and felt that an indoor pool would be a great fit.”

The pool will have five lanes for laps, a pool side shower, a locker room area for men and women, and locker room showers.

The gym will have state of the art fitness equipment, a walking track, several aerobic rooms, a massage therapy area, a child sitting area and a homework room for teenagers.

“Some of those things we have in place now,” John said noting they already offer aerobics and child sitting, but they want to put more of an emphasis on the classes being offered. “We are going to have room for zumba classes, spin classes and more yoga classes. We will also continue to offer personal training, and hope to see a rise in our Silver Sneakers members.”

Suzie said that is one group she doesn't want to leave out.

“They are a vital group and we love our Silver Sneakers members,” she said.

Additionally, the Devittos said they are going to continue to offer the boot camp style workouts, and add water aerobics.

He added that members and prospective members should not be alarmed as it pertains to membership dues. He said there will be an increase, but it shouldn't be more than $2-3 more a month.

“When you think about all the things you're going to have access to, $41-42 really isn't that much,” John said. “Factor in the pool, the latest fitness equipment and all the classes people will have the opportunity to take advantage of, our monthly fees are very reasonable.”

“We offer very reasonable membership plans with month to month individual rates, family plans, monthly bank drafts for convenience and additional savings,” John said. “We offer senior, student and military discounts. Our fitness classes are included in memberships at no additional cost. And best of all there are no contracts.”

Main Street Gym is located at 1000 E Main Street, Suite 303.For more information about Main Street Gym or Therapeutic Partners, call 972-723-5005 or visit therapeuticpartnerstx.com.

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