Jeremy Morton, store manager of Brookshire's was recognized by the nonprofit organization Movement Toward a Future for his commitment to the mentoring program. To show their appreciation for the support they've received from Morton, members of the board presented him with a plaque.

Morton said he the members called him and said they had something for him to show their appreciation to him, but he had no idea it was going to be a plaque. He said being an active member of the community and volunteering is what Brookshire's is all about.

“We believe very strongly in giving back to our community,” Morton said. “Every employee here has the same attitude that I do, if you give back to them, they'll give back to you.”

He said he has seen that happen time and time again.

“People will see us out volunteering our time at an event,” he said. “Then they'll come in here and tell me that the reason they shop here is because they have seen me out in the community so much.”

Morton said people want to know that they are important and appreciated for more than their financial support.

“It's never been about what I can gain or get from a customer, but it's about what I can do for them,” he said.

Founder of Movement Toward a Future Dena Petty said that is exactly why Morton was presented the award, for his community minded attitude.

“It is company's like Brookshire's and people like Jeremy that make such great partners for us,” Petty said. “He has been there from day one, and really came along side us when we held our first ever color run event last year. He not only donated products, but he brought a team of employees to participate in the run, and that's what it's all about.”

Board member Marilyn Jones said this organization is vital to the community and people like Morton help them fulfill the mission of Movement Toward a Future.

“There are so many at-risk kids in our community, and it's the goal of the organization to reach out to everyone of them,” Jones said. “It's very important for them to have positive role models and people to look up to so that it keeps them from making mistakes that would cost them their future. That is why partnering with Jeremy and Brookshire's is so important.”

Movement Toward a Future is a mentoring program that encourages action, hope and a future using volunteer mentors from the community to reach at-risk youth in the school district. It is a tax-exempt, nonprofit orporation which provides mentoring and guidance for at-risk high school students. MTF works closely with school administrators, teachers, parents and the Midlothian community to challenge and encourage hurting and troubled high school students. MTF believes that with a little help and encouragement, these students can reach beyond and overcome their troubled circumstances in life and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. For more information about the organization or to become a volunteer, contact Dena Petty at 501.628.4252.