The staff and students at Buie's Superkicks Karate celebrated the studios tenth anniversary Friday. To help kick off the celebration, the organization made a $1,000 donation to Campfire Creek Therapeutic Riding Center.

For the third year in a row the school to hosted a kick-a-thon to raise money for the organization. This is also the second year that the company has chosen Campfire Creek as its beneficiary for the fundraiser.

“Being able to celebrate ten years is quite an accomplishment,” Buie's Superkicks Owner Wade Buie said. “And to be able to support a local organization at the same time is even better.”

Buie added that a karate school is supposed to be a role model for children.

“Part of being a role model is showing support for our community,” he said. “We really want to keep our support local so the kids can see the benefits of helping at home.”

While receiving the check, Emily Oliver, executive director for Campfire Creek expressed surprise and gratitude to be on the receiving end of this donation.

“This is such a surprise and I am ever so thankful, thank you all so much,” Oliver said.

She explained to the students how their check will go to benefit the organization.

“This doesn’t go for groceries or pay the light bill,” Oliver said. “This goes toward keeping up the horses, buying and repairing gear and meeting the direct needs of the stable.”

The students raised the money by pledging to participate in a kick-a-than. They received pledges either by how many kicks they could do in a particular time period or $50 for more than 800 kicks.

This year there were 12 students that paired up taking turns making all of the various karate kicks while the others held the kicking pads.