Milford city officials are issuing re-entry permits to city residence to return to their homes.

Only Milford residents are being allowed back into the city to return to their homes, and they must receive a permit from officials set up at the Italy High School Dome.

Chevron crews have made progress on burning off the remaining liquified petroleum gas in the pipe line and have reduced the critical risk perimeter to within a half mile radius of the leak, which continues to burn.

Italy Fire Chief Don Chambers confirmed this information and said the road blocks may also come down by this evening.

"After 6-7 p.m. if things are running smoothly (with residents returning) the barricades will come down," Chambers said.

He added that the half-mile radius around the rupture in the pipe line will remain for another 24-36 hours before crews expect to have the line clear and able to start repairs.

The Daily Light will continue to report updates on this progress until Chevron crews have cleared the site.