The FarmGirls are defying the crazy winter patterns of North Central Texas and pushing into spring.  

Donelle is a garden coach and has helped clients set up their vegetable gardens. She is establishing gardens from Waxahachie and as far north as Prosper and as far east as Tyler.  

Donelle is the “Johnny Apple Seed” of vegetable gardening. I am thrilled to tag along with my heirloom-seed saving daughter to meet her excited new gardeners.  

Building garden boxes, carrying in the compost and expanded shale, weeding, planting, mulching and tilling the soil are all labor intensive work.  

So, why are so many people determined to learn to garden? When I grew up most everyone I knew had a garden or at least had a garden connection, meaning a neighbor or a grandparent. People knew how to garden, they may not even be able to tell you how or when they learned because basically for most people it was a way of life.  

So, in general not just farmers but the average American probably knew where their food originated. Most people had some idea of how it was grown and could probably identify a stalk of okra or a water melon vine.  

Convenience gave way to knowing. We got busy, busier and so busy that we allowed super markets, large scale farming and processed foods to invade and take over our pantries.  Artificial flavors, replaced lemons, strawberries and lime.  

Soccer, baseball, dance and gymnastics all wonderful and good things replaced families sitting down at the table and eating food—real food. Time became a scarcity and convenience gave way to fast food, drive through food on the way to, on the way from and suddenly we are saying where the heck was I going in the first place?

What is, what was and what will be the wake-up call for America?  

Could it be recalls from tainted food that has caused thousands to be sick and or die? Where did this food come from?  Where was this food grown? I am eating food from where?  

Or could it be our large population struggling with obesity, diabetes and heart disease?  

So allow me to dangle a carrot. Have you considered growing your own garden?  

Growing your own garden is empowering. It can be hard work. The benefits are incredible. Walking out of your back door and cutting lettuce for the salad, pulling radishes and onions from your soil and snatching a fresh, ripe, flavorful tomato from your vine is priceless.  

Gardening is grounding. This activity provides sunshine, opportunity with nature, exercise and pleasure. You know what you grow. Harvesting fresh wholesome, nutrient rich vegetables and cooking food you know will be fun!

The planting season awaits you. Be a change agent. Go slow and go grow. Follow the FarmGirls on Facebook: Garden Inspirations and listen to their weekly radio show, FarmGirls Radio Show on 770 AM every Friday at 1 p.m. From our garden gate to yours…

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