We spend a lot of time outdoors in the gardens and also at the Post Office sending out packets to our clients. This past week Donelle was at the Post Office and had been coaching two clients prior to her visit and of course, dirt underneath her fingernails was a conversation starter.  

Donelle talked to the clerk and apologized for her “dirt” and explained why she was covered in soil. The clerk soon turned into a potential student, for tomatoes.  

Five years ago, a conversation about gardening at the Post Office with a clerk would not have taken place. Gardening is popular folks.  

There are many reasons why gardening is popular this season – growing your own food, getting back to the basics, enjoying a new hobby, supplementing the grocery bill and the list continues. No matter the reason, we are enjoying seeing new students in our classes and in the local nurseries!   

Donelle spends many hours a month working with clients one on one in garden coaching sessions.  It is a joy to see her drive off with her car loaded down with amendments and plant material and a few hours later she is calling with excitement about working with the new gardeners. It is a little hard to tell if Donelle or the client is more excited about the clients’ garden.  

We start all of our coaching clients with an extensive tool shed list and work on the garden soil.  Garden soil is the foundation and key to a productive vegetable garden.  Sometimes we start new gardens and other times we are amending existing gardens.  

We plant with the clients and teach them how to sow carrot seeds, lettuce seeds, radish seeds and other vegetable seeds. Planting vegetables in North Texas can be challenging, we also show our clients how to transplant vegetables using our wet – to – wet method.  

Once the gardens are planted we visit the clients one or two times a month and walk through the gardens, taking notes of how the vegetables are growing or not growing. We work with each client on foliar feeding, fertilizing, organic pest control, and harvesting.  

Many years ago when we started teaching classes, garden coaching was not on the FarmGirls radar, but we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many first time and seasoned gardeners!

From our garden gate to yours…

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