Normally when you read this column I try to provide information about your sheriff’s office and its functions. Some of those functions include traffic stops and answering disturbance calls.

In just a few days we will be celebrating Christmas. This is supposed to be a time when lasting memories are made. A time when family and friends come together to honor Christ’s birth. A time when good food is shared and we experience the joy of watching children open gifts.

Unfortunately we have found that during a time that is supposed to be joyous and happy we sometimes find the occasion is ruined because of a DWI traffic stop or a family violence/disturbance call to our dispatch.

I urge everyone to be mindful of their actions.  DON’T DRINK & DRIVE! Ellis County law enforcement as a whole is becoming stricter on DWI enforcement. Don’t let an otherwise great week be spoiled by driving while intoxicated.

I also ask that families count to 10 before they verbally or physically lash out at each other. The holidays are meant for family enjoyment. Don’t let anger dictate how successful your holiday will be.  

State law requires an arrest if it appears further violence may occur. Jail is not a nice place to be and an adult family member being arrested is traumatic on kids.  

Please consider their feelings.

I ask everyone to do something for me. Give your family and friends a hug and tell them you love them. Life is really short and we never know when our number will be up.

From everyone at the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office to each of you throughout the county; we wish you a very Merry Christmas.  

Johnny Brown has served as Sheriff of Ellis County since Jan. 1, 2009, and is a graduate of the National Sheriff’s Institute. He has been in law enforcement for 20 years and holds a Master’s Peace Officer’s Certificate with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.