To the Editor,

Normally, in these newsletters, I cover how our freedom and liberties are under assault from our government.  Yes, as we examine so much of what is going on in our country and the world in general we may seem hard-pressed to find something to be thankful for.  Despite it all, I offer these positive thoughts on why we can be thankful and can have hope:

• Our republic and our Constitution may be down for the count, but they’re not out. Like Rocky in the movies, we can and we will pick them up off the mat and come back swinging at those who have battered them.

• We have anxieties about our future because we are accustomed to being a free people.  Those who have never experienced the freedom and liberties as have we do not have such fears.  So be thankful that we still have more freedom and liberties than most of the world’s inhabitants.

• If you were able to bow your head and give thanks around the family table yesterday without fear of losing your head, literally, then be grateful for the extent of religious liberty that we still have that others do not.

• Though our economy appears to be on the ropes, you were still able to enjoy a meal that to many in this world is beyond their reach.

• Finally, be thankful that we are Americans, an exceptional people who have weathered and overcome many daunting storms before, for there are signs we are coming together to fend off the “typhoon” currently threatening to engulf us.

So I hope all of you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Take a moment to reflect on these thoughts and others you may have and take heart – we’re Americans, which means we’re winners. We can and we will come out of this present danger victorious and free.

Frank Kuchar

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas