To the Editor,

The recent elections illustrate there must be a change in the Ellis County Commissionerís Court. While Carol Bush lucked into election without a runoff does not mean our court is in wonderful shape. It requires new people in there with a more ďpeople orientedĒ agenda not the same olí Carol Bush sycophants. Even Judge Bush herself admitted there are only a few people from whom she takes advice.

With the upcoming runoff election between Precinct 2 incumbent Commissioner Bill Dotson and his opponent Lane Grayson I believe it is in the best interest of all Ells County citizens to have some new ideas and emphasis on the court. In other words I implore voters in Precinct 2 to support and vote for Bill Dotsonís opponent, Lane Grayson. We need to get this reliable Carol Bush bobblehead vote off the court and install someone with an independent viewpoint, independent thought, hence Lane Grayson.

Please turn out and show your support for a commissionerís court with a new focus, a new attitude, and a new direction that is more aligned with the citizens of Ellis County. Vote for Lane Grayson.

Duff Hale,