To the Editor,

Well, my fellow patriots, itís over. Tuesday evening did not turn out as we had hoped, but we all knew it would be an uphill battle. You donít take on a well-financed, well-connected incumbent who has been in office for 30 years and not expect it to be difficult. Still, we had hope, but the change was not to be (to borrow from President Obama).

So I want to thank each and every one of you who followed our travels along this campaign trail, who shared our message with others, and who also contributed to us financially.† Most importantly, I want to thank you for the encouraging messages you either posted on our facebook site or in emails, and especially for your prayers. Now we must pray more earnestly for our country and the future we will be leaving to our children and grandchildren ó not because I failed to win the election, but because the threats to that future are accelerating and expanding both within and without our borders daily.

There are many takeaways I could list from this experience, and perhaps Iíll put them to paper in the near future. In the meantime, for those who have been receiving our weekly emails, I do not know how we will handle them. After the 2012 primary, we changed the heading and format of them and continued to send them out. Now that the election is over, I donít know how many would like to continue to receive and read them.† In any event, if we do continue, I wonít wait very long to start them up again, so be on the lookout for them.

I leave you then with this reminder: we are Americans ó the most exceptional people to ever grace this world. Weíve been knocked down, bloodied and wounded before, but weíve always picked ourselves up and battled back.† Let it not be said of us in some future history book that this generation stayed down and refused to rise up to the challenge.

Frank C. Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas