To the Editor,

God is still in our  schools, our government buildings and in our hearts. God never left. Only our ability to find God did.

The goodness of God, however perceived, is abundant to all that wish to seek it, wherever, whenever, however. I have to ask if we are looking at laws, the actions of man or for God? Are we looking for a place for our blame or how to serve God with our actions wherever we are?

For some to even think that their personal interpretation is how others should interpret, worship, adhere to, fear or even bow to is wrong. My religious beliefs will not work for any other. Only myself. Theirs will not work for me. Only for them. And that is true for every person. We still have the freedom to determine what we believe and to adhere to whatever dogma we interpret as the truth. Government should not have any part in that decision.

For it is a matter between you and God. Nothing else matters. Not even what you just read.

Alan Fox,