To the Editor,

You may think that our Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is set up to protect Texas Citizen from polluted sewage sludge and the risk. You would be wrong.

Commissioner Baker, Shaw and Covar believe that sewage sludge is safe and beneficial. They are still hanging onto a Texas A&M document, “The Texas A&M Beneficial Use of Biosolids,”,commissioned by Merco ($1.6 million). The Texas A&M document only addresses beneficial use and is in no way a comprehensive document on the additional constituents and risks associated in sewage sludge. It was written to promote biosolids as a marketing document for Merco in 1992.  Merco paid their way into Texas and along with Synagro to rail sewage into Texas to create the largest sewage dump from New York in the nation at Sierra Blanca, Texas.  

We feel Sierra Blanco is an insult to Texas and anyone connected to it should be brought to the attention of the public. The dump is still on top of the ground and has dried to a point of dust which is carried by prevailing winds to populated areas of Texas. West to east.

Our TCEQ Commissioners, Baker, Shaw and Covar could care less about the suffering of any citizen and refused to keep sewage sludge from populated areas. To this day and because of these commissioners, metropolitan areas can dump on adjacent counties with fields inside and right up next to city limits with no regard for the population or effects on them. Please check out the link showing Baker, Covar and Shaw at the last hearing on sewage sludge on March 26. Item 33

Please consider the size of Texas and how much land is farmed or ranched which is in no way close to any city or population and yet Commissioner Shaw, Baker and Covar insist that it be kept in close proximally to Texas populations.

We feel that these TCEQ Commissioners are not acting in the best interest of the majority of Texas citizen and need to be removed from office by Governor Perry.

Craig Monk,