To the Editor,

Our 2013 Pink Ribbons and Hearts Luncheon was the most successful ever, and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your generous donation to this year’s effort. There is no way to adequately voice our appreciation to the Midlothian Mirror for their outstanding publicity this year! You went about and beyond, and we thank you for that! Without your help we could not continue to host breast cancer survivors, their caretakers, friends, and family members each year.

We feel very blessed to have been able to host almost 260 people at this year’s event. We believe that everyone enjoyed the atmosphere of hope and celebration that filled the room. It is vitally important to all of us to continue to offer this opportunity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October.

The Dinah Weable Breast Cancer Survivors Committee is dedicated to continuing our mission of providing mammograms to the uninsured and underinsured women in Ellis County, Knowing that nearly 100 women have benefited from our efforts each year since 2007 helps us realize that we are meeting a need. The only way we can continue providing this service is with the help of persons, like you, who believe in what we are doing and are willing to help us. A simple thank you is not enough, but we hope you know how much we truly appreciate your willingness to be a part of what we are doing.

The Dinah Weable Breast Cancer Survivors Committee