To the Editor,

The commissioner’s and Judge Bush changed the commissioners’ meeting time several years back from an evening meeting to a time more convenient for themselves to 10 am. They do not feel citizens of Ellis County have any desire to be a part of decision making because it is a boring part of county work.

There are issues that are important to Ellis County citizens. One that sticks out in our mind is the county judge and commissioners allowing Fort Worth and Tarrant County to continue to dump their hazardous and toxic sewage sludge on Ellis County under the disguise of it being safe and beneficial.

It was noted during the county judge race that one Herald Bernard, on the board and President of the Trinity River Authority (TRA), sent public written support for Bush. The TRA makes the hazardous toxic sewage sludge that is put out on Ellis County. The TRA is also noted as saying “we make a safe product” meaning sewage sludge. Of course it would take volumes to show the risk of putting sewage sludge out which the farmers and ranchers that do ignore. Why, you may ask. Money. Sewage sludge by some weird chance is free. Just imagine something so beneficial and safe being free. How many Ellis County residences know the next thing to ask after someone you have little trust in tells you it is “free.” “What is wrong with it?” Because the TCEQ and the TRA tells everyone “it is safe” Ellis County farmers let their children play in it. Children have died riding their bikes though it, in the east, of massive blood infections. (Staphylococcus aureus). The definition of safe is NO RISK and there is considerable risk in sewage. The sewage industry will tell you they treat the sewage before dumping. They will also site EPA regulations. How many believe private companies, making money hand over fist on a contract, will not do anything it takes to make more by cutting corners? We have already seen it here in Ellis. Has anyone ever seen that? I would call that a risk. Money.

 I have already done my home work. Look it up for yourself.

Here is the sad part of Fort Worth dumping sewage on Ellis County. The effected Ellis County citizens of sewage sludge dumps only have one voice. Commissioner Paul Perry.

Commissioner Perry has fought for commissioner’s meeting times in the evening. He has been blocked by Bush, Robinson, Brown and Dodson every time.

Please read the late Wise County Judge McElhaney resolution and then tell me there is nothing our Ellis County Judge and commissioners can do to help Commissioner Perry.

It is also noted that Parker County Judge Riley and the late Wise County Judge McElheney and their commissioners stood up for their citizens to keep Fort Worth sewage sludge from their citizens. Only Commissioner Perry stood up for Ellis County and spoke a number of times in front of the TCEQ and also at a Midlothian stake holder meeting along with Texas House Appropriations Chairman Representative Jim Pitts. Even though our group failed to get a 3 mile restriction from city limits, we will still continue to fight for the health and the environment of Ellis County and Texas our home.

Robert Monk,