To the Editor,

Last week I was horrified to learn from a DFW television station that children’s candy is being manufactured with marijuana and that packages of this candy have made their way to North Texas. This is an outrage. I am sure that every caring person who loves their children and grandchildren should want this to be stopped. Innocent children can get hold of these products and consume them without realizing that their lives will be destroyed.

I am glad that the people who brought this candy to North Texas have been arrested. However, we should not fool ourselves to think that this is the end of the matter. What must we do to save our state and nation from this problem?

1. Make people aware of this horrible danger that has already come to our state.

2. Make a stand by contacting your city, school, state and national leaders. Demand that stricter laws be passed and enforced to penalize businesses and individuals who are involved in doing this with extremely high fines and penalties for their involvement.

3. Check out everybody who runs for every public office. Find out how they stand on the issue of marijuana and vote only for those who want to keep marijuana out of Texas and who will make a stand to protect our children from making it available in candy or any other form. Do this regardless of political affiliation.

4. People of faith should pray about this whole issue. This is the most important of all thing you can do.

5. In conclusion, let us remember that wise people who have gone before us have said that the surest way for tyranny and evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

Glenn Randle Ford,