By the time we reach adulthood one thing becomes acutely apparent to us; people are not going to always agree with each other. Spouses do not always agree, siblings do not always agree and the sheriff’s office and commissioners court do not always agree. However, that does not mean the spouses, siblings or elected officials are enemies.

One thing the sheriff’s office and commissioners court work very closely on is the care and maintenance of the county jail. For example, we had a major maintenance issue come up and it is not one of those things that is normally budgeted for. The problem was presented to the court, the county engineer got involved, the court approved the funds and the multi-thousand dollar repair was put into the works. This is just one example of a good working relationship. Ellis County can be proud of their jail facility and the team work that keeps it as one of the best in Texas.  

On a pretty regular basis we have guests come through and want to see the facility. Leadership Waxahachie, city/county officials, jail commission and even out of town law enforcement. Last week we had eight people from Zapata County Sheriff’s Office looking at our jail and dispatch operation. We also had five folks from Comanche County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office come and view some of our jail programs.  Sometimes we have people just drop by to see if we can work a tour in for them.

A few weeks ago we had one of those impromptu visits from a couple of new county residents and two of their family members that are deputies with the Fairfield County Ohio Sheriff’s Office. The visit was not planned, they just dropped in and my schedule allowed me to spend some time with them. As part of the visit the two family members from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office wanted to tour the jail. We probably killed an hour or so visiting and because they were law enforcement, we exchanged a lot of information about how tasks are accomplished here as compared to Ohio. By the end of our visit new friends were made and they seemed pleased with our operation.

Later I received a letter from one of the deputies. His name is Jacob Rose. He has a masters degree in education and is also their Field Training Coordinator. I would like to share his words with you.

“Sheriff Brown, I thank you and your support staff for the tour of your jail. I found during the tour of your facility there is much that can be learned from you and your style of leadership. I am impressed both professionally and personally with respect to the attitude of you and your staff, the operations of your jail facility and the citizenry implemented.

I have the utmost respect for your office and have shared the style of operations and programs that you have deployed in your tenure. I can see both as a citizen and law enforcement officer the impact that is current and future attributes from your office in Ellis County.”

I appreciate his kind comments, but without the continued support of the court and our employees we could not be the successful operation that impresses the guests that come through.  This is not just a Johnny Brown accomplishment, it is a collective accomplishment by all.

Johnny Brown has served as Sheriff of Ellis County since Jan. 1, 2009, and is a graduate of the National Sheriff’s Institute. He has been in law enforcement for 20 years and holds a Master’s Peace Officer’s Certificate with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.