To the Editor,

Remember the Wimpy character in the Popeye cartoon who would always say “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” This is how I would characterize the Ryan/Murray budget deal recently passed by both the House and the Senate.  

It increases taxes (so-called “fees”) and increases spending in some areas with the promise of off-sets nine to ten years from now. Some spending cuts will take place now – namely veterans’ benefits, especially those to disabled vets, who were wounded defending this country; of course, neither tax credits to illegal immigrants or a host of other worthless and unconstitutional expenditures will be cut. This is Ryan’s and Murray’s promise of “we’ll gladly cut spending someday for more spending today.”

With the passing of this budget deal, Congress has once again shown little interest in curbing our looming deficit and burgeoning debt. They have kicked the proverbial can down the road once again, and like Wimpy’s promise of repayment, Tuesday never comes. I believe that credit should be given to someone when credit is due, and in this case I need to give credit to my opponent, Congressman Joe Barton, in the upcoming primary for voting against this budget deal.  However, he has not always voted against such budgets, and his record over the past 30 years reflect that fact. In addition, during his career in Congress, Barton has on many occasions voted for bigger government, unconstitutional programs, and raising our debt ceiling instead of holding the line on such government expansion. And, like his Republican colleagues in the Senate, his sudden rediscovery of fiscal conservatism entering an election year is rather suspect.

This is why our founders believed in a rotation of representation – to keep those selected by their fellow citizens from becoming swept up in the cyclone of government.  It is time to fight back against this leviathan that Congressman Barton has helped to create and to do so with earnestness and vigor.  Such is what I promise to do as your representative in the 114th Congress.  

We deserve better! We can do better!

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas