Monday, the Midlothian ISD School Board approved the Strategic Plan that guide the district for the next three to five years. The intent is to refine the district staff and teachers' efforts to use resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.

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We believe that safe, engaging, rigorous, and diverse learning environments provide the best opportunity for students to reach their fullest potential.

We believe a high quality staff with appropriate resources is essential to creating educational experiences that promote student success.

We believe that effective communication, purposeful collaboration, and strong partnerships create an atmosphere of trust and a strong sense of community vital to student achievement.

Vision Statement: Inspiring excellence today to change the world tomorrow.

Mission Statement: The mission of Midlothian ISD is to educate students by empowering them to maximize their potential.

Objectives & Strategies

The district's objectives and strategies focus on six areas. There are also a total of 22 action plans suggested to reach the objectives in each area. More specifics about each action plan will be released when the district is ready to begin work on that action, said Jana Pongratz, public information officer for the district.


Objective 1: Transform our classroom to be truly student-centered through aligned teaching and learning.

Strategy 1.1 - Design and develop aligned K-12 curriculum.

Strategy 1.2 - Promote problem solving, critical thinking and risk-taking for staff and students.

Strategy 1.3 - Provide and support professional development in the implementation of a K-12 aligned curriculum.

Nine action plans.


Objective 2: Design a comprehensive staffing plan to foster excellence, high expectations, and positive morale throughout the district.

Strategy 2.1 - Develop and execute a high-level recruitment plan.

Strategy 2.2 - Identify and provide support systems needed to retain quality staff.

 Two action plans.


Objective 3: Resources will be optimized for all stakeholders, according to the Strategic Plan, to enhance and maximize student potential.

Strategy 3.1 - Educate the community regarding school finance and its restrictions.

Strategy 3.2 - Collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to meet the needs of the district.

 Two action plans.


Objective 4: Provide facilities that create an innovative learning environment using district resources in the most efficient manner.

Strategy 4.1 - Develop criteria to be used in the design of future construction and renovation projects.

Strategy 4.2 - Develop a comprehensive facilities plan to guide financial decisions related to future site acquisitions, new construction, and renovation of existing facilities.

  Two action plans.


Objective 5: Design a system to provide for the evolving digital needs of MISD.

Strategy 5.1 - Develop a plan to ensure appropriate network infrastructure for anticipated future needs.

Strategy 5.2 - Create a process to enable digital access for all future devices/programs for MISD.

 Four action plans.


Objective 6: Create an environment of transparent information exchange between the school district and key stakeholders that builds long-term impactful relationships.

Strategy 6.1 - Establish a support system for addressing district needs in order to obtain community resources.

Strategy 6.2 - Develop a communications strategy that effectively communicates successes, strengths, and opportunities of the district.

 Three action plans.