Cadet Andrew Fuller from the Midway Composite Civil Air Patrol Squadron was promoted to Cadet- 2 LT last Thursday during the Civil Air Patrol weekly meeting.

The promotion, called the Billy Mitchell Award, was presented to Fuller by Representative John Wray.

To receive the award, cadets must pass a series of leadership, aerospace, and physical fitness tests for each achievement from Cadet Airman Basic through Cadet Chief Master Sergeant, a total of eight different achievements. Before the award can be presented, cadets must also attend a military- style encampment.

If a cadet wishes to join the military, this award allows them to enlist as an E-3 rather than an E-1. Less than 15 percent of cadets national wide reach the Billy Mitchell Award. It is often presented by group commanders, wing commanders, or state and federal elected officials.

The last time one of the cadets from this squadron reached this award was approximately four years ago.