The deadline to enter the Scarecrow Festival is approaching and for those still on the fence, the Midlothian Art Council has some tips for creating an entry.

Entry forms must be filled out online at or in print and return to Midlothian Chamber of Commerce, located at 310 North 9th Street, with cash/check for entry fee by Sept. 28. The scarecrows will be displayed in Heritage Park from Sept. 30 until Nov. 6. The registration fee is $25 for non-business and $50 for business entries.

Mary Rustin, art council members and coordinator for the event offered tips for those struggling to match this year’s Heroes theme or find the right materials.

“The theme of Heros  can be fictional or true life like first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, parent(s), sports figures, etc,” Rustin suggested.

There are many materials that can be used to make the scarecrow or decorate them, she added, listing a few practical ones.

Tips for making a scarecrow: 

1) The head can be made by stuffing fabric or pantyhose or by purchase a Styrofoam head from a hobby or beauty supply store

2) The body can be made by stuffing clothes with plastic bags filled with other plastic bags,  newspapers, straw or hay.

3) Clothes can be acquired by raid closets, visit charity stores, or go to the numerous hobby and party stores in the area for costumes, accessories and ideas.

According to the entry rules, scarecrows must be mounted on a 1.5-inch square post or a 6 foot PVC pipe 2 inches or larger. The totalScar height of the scarecrows may not exceed 6 foot. Scarecrows may not touch the ground and no materials may be put on the ground around scarecrows. The MAC will supply T-Pole for scarecrows erected at Heritage Park, to which the scarecrow will be secured.

A permanent, weatherproof sign about 8.5 inches by 11 inches should be affixed to the scarecrow stating the entry’s title and creator/sponsor. In order to qualify for displaying and judging, the scarecrow must be weather resistant. The MAC reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that does not hold up to the natural elements. As a result of this, no perishable goods like pumpkins or squash may be used in the construction of a scarecrow.

Prize winners will be announced at 1:45 p.m. at the Fall Festival on Oct. 15. A People’s Choice Award will also be voted on at the festival. Prizes will be awarded for first through third in the non-business category with the first place winner receiving a $100 price, the second place entry receiving $50 and the third place entry receiving $25. The winner of the business category will receive the Traveling Trophy.

Entry forms are available the council's website, or at the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce.