The Ellis County Expo Center was filled with all forms of entertainment to benefit families in the community with special needs adults and students.

Bridges Training Foundation combined live bands with a variety of music types, dance teams, cheerleader teams, along with fun games and entertainment for the children for a day of family fun. The day's events, sponsored by the foundation, helped raise funds for a Waxahachie facility.

“Serving close to seventy-five families, we are at capacity at our Midlothian location. We are getting referrals and see there is a need in Waxahachie, “ Bridge's co-founder Melissa Boler said. “We have been planning today’s event for several months to bring a day of family fun for the whole community and to include the families we help.”

At the Midlothian location, Bridges Training Foundation provides vocational and social skills training for adults.

“Our target need is to provide skills training for young adults that have graduated from high school, but due to having either physical, mental or emotional handicaps, they wind up just sitting at home,” Boler said.

The Waxahachie center will access clients needs and develop a training program to help the people we serve become productive and interact with the community, she said.

Adding to the entertainment was a raffle drawing for items including a golf cart and a silent auction added to the day's entertainment. Activities featured groups that work with special needs students in the community.

“These groups bring an awareness to the community that there are ways that special need students and adults can demonstrate skills they have learned and enjoy a normal life with the community,” she said.

One of the groups featured on the center dance floor was the Liberty Cheer Justice cheer team lead by instructor Chrystal Wells.

“Liberty Justice is a mixed team with of the youth being special needs children and youth,” Wells said.

The group performed a demonstration or routines they were practicing for competition. Last year the team competed for a received the honor to be one of seventeen special needs cheer teams to go to the world Special Olympics in California.

“We have been invited to go to the world Special Olympics competition in Austria in 2017,” Wells said.

All of the prizes for both the silent auction and raffle were donated by local merchants.

“I am so thankful for their support to make this a success,” Wells said.

“This is a lot of work. We are fortunate to have many, many people who ate committed to make this happen. There has been an outpouring of support by the whole community that we are so thankful for,” Wells said.