AUSTIN — Texans may soon have the right to “Constitutional carry” after the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee passed House Bill 1911 by a vote of 6-2 Monday during the 85th Texas Legislature.

According to a release issued by the office of Rep. John Wray, HB 1911 would allow for the permitless carry of handguns, which is one of the eight priorities outlined by the Republican Party of Texas, is legal in fourteen states, and pending in twenty others, including Texas.

"As a member of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee last session, I was able to help pass open carry and campus carry, overturning decades-old prohibitions on our 2nd Amendment Right,” Wray stated. “While these were important steps, there is still work to be done to return to the original intent of our founders. With the advancement of this legislation, Texans are closer than ever to exercising the freedoms guaranteed to us in our Constitution.”

The release also notes HB 1911 would not do away with current License to Carry (LTC) provisions in Texas law for existing license holders or those who prefer the permitting process and the reciprocity it affords when carrying in other states. This legislation would let Texas citizens who are legally allowed to own a firearm and meet current standards of permitting to carry without the state-mandated barriers.

Upon passage from the Committee, HB 1911 next moves to the Calendars Committee where it will await scheduling for debate on the floor of the Texas House. Representative Wray is a co-author of HB 1911. The text of the legislation along with a record of actions taken can be found at