MIDLOTHIAN — As Quinn Hallmark eloquently put it, “Everyone knows Ethan, and everyone likes Ethan.”

The sentiment was, in theory at least, proven when the Panther graduates chose Ethan O’Neal as the speaker for the 2017 Midlothian High School Class of 2017.

O’Neal served as the district governor for the INTERACT Club, which is an arm of the Rotary Club and where he helped oversee the operations of about 250 other clubs.

He will attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock to study corporate sales and sports marketing.

“I like sports, period,” O’Neal explained. “I love watching sports. I love talking sports and I love talking with people.” He also added there are plans in the works to intern with a family friend who happens to be the former agent of a Texas A&M University quarterback.

When asked what part of MHS he would miss the most, O’Neal quickly pointed to his friends, but, after a little thought, realized there is a group he cherishes just a little more.

“I just love hanging out with people and spending time with my friends, and that is the one thing….no, you know what I’ll miss most is the staff. A lot. I love all of these teachers, and I have every year.”

During the voting for class speaker, O’Neal said he showed up to the Midlothian High School Arena a little late, which meant he had no idea who was voting for who. He also admitted that he voted for Lindsey Barnes.

“As days started going by, I started hearing people say ‘Hey, I voted for you,’ and I thought that was cool. I wouldn’t mind being the class speaker and I wouldn’t have minded not being class speaker. But I actually found out yesterday (Tuesday, May 23).

“So I have a lot of time to plan and I’m really excited for that,” said O’Neal with a grin after the quick sarcastic jab. “It was a nice feeling when I found out and was a nice little boost but now I have to go write and essay, and I thought I was done with that.”


Travis M. Smith, @Travis5mith

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