To the Editor,

I am not a father on this one day a year. I am a father, a dad, Daddy, Pops or Old Man all the time. There is no need to honor me this day for being a father is something I do without seeking praise or special attention. It is just something I do. And do proudly.

When my first child was born, I was determined to be the best father ever. The second reinforced that. And my third child confirmed it. I was a Dad.

And throughout the subsequent years, being a teacher or a mentor transformed itself to where I became the student. My children taught me more about myself than I ever knew existed. And we grew together, each of us becoming what we destined to be.

My children are grown now. Each has become an individual and beautiful person in their own right. And each a better parent to their children than I was to them. Yet, in afterthought, I haven't stopped being their father yet. I still have work to do. And accept that with much happiness.

For this is not a day that I seek honors or thanks for being something special. Life chose me to continue itself through. I cherish that. I am truly blessed and eternally thankful to my children for allowing me the experience of being their father, the greatest achievement of my life.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie