To the Editor,

and dear Trump haters, Hollywood Elitists, Never Trumpers, GOP Establishment,

I just wanted to remind you that President Donald J Trump was set for life — a billionaire with a beautiful family living the life of the rich and famous and he wanted for nothing.

He gave all this up because he loves America. That is why he ran for President and he beat the huge odds to do it.

I don't agree with everything he says and does. He was not my first choice. One thing I disagree with is Make America Great Again. America is already Great. The greatest nation in the world with more wealth and freedom of any country in the world. People from all over the world come here and some die trying to get here. I think he should have said Let Us Make America Greater!

President Donald Trump and his family members that are advising him are doing the things they're doing for no salary. They are serving us because of their love for America. He is a President of all the people.

President Trumps wants every American to have a better life. He wants us to have jobs. He wants us to have quality healthcare. He wants America to be the leader of the world. He wants Americans to be safe. He wants to lower crime and help the citizens in the inner cities have a better quality of life. He wants to lower taxes. He wants able-bodied Americans to go from welfare to work so they will have a better self-esteem.

President wants to reduce our debt because many generations to come will be stuck with this monstrosity.

President Trump wants a media that truthfully report all the news, all the time in a fair and balanced manner.

In spite of the many distractions, some of which were caused by him, he has been able to get many things done. Of course, the media refuses to report on the good things he has done.

I just hope and pray that the haters and obstructionists wake up soon and help to make America greater. This is our home!

Speaking of our home. Do any of y'all allow complete strangers that you know nothing about to come and live in your home? Of course, you don't. So why should we allow strangers that we know nothing about into America, our home?

We hear the cry "America is a land of immigrants." That is true. They came here legally. They worked hard. They learned our language. They assimilated and adapted our laws and culture. They worked very hard to make America great.

So we must all realize that Donald J Trump is our president whether we like it or not. Americans can say "You're Fired" in 2020 by voting him out if office.

I ask each of you to pray for all our leaders. Pray for America. Pray for each other.

Guila Jackson, Waxahachie