To the Editor,

I do not get offended very often in my life, but I achieved this at the Waxahachie 4 of July parade.

I am a veteran with long service to my country and would expect that there would be a place of honor for my country’s flag in its birthday celebration parade.

Much to my surprise there was no formal color guard presenting our flag leading or anywhere else in the 4th of July spectacle.

It was also apparent that the flag was not in the Texas Civil Defense parade entries, any of the police entries, the Boy Scouts did have a color guard that had the Texas flag and all the branches of service flags- but alas NO AMERICAN FLAG!

The total lack of a formal presentation of the flag seems to be beyond mere circumstance, as these organizations have had formal color guards in the past. This makes me wonder about the possibility of a formal policy of no American Flag color guard.

Is this possible in the America I serve and love?

I would like to know who were the policy makers for the parade and if they are the root of this slight.

If it was an “oversight” then I pray all those involved in the leadership of the parade have served on their last parade.


David Fortunato, Midlothian, OORAH, USMC, DEFENDING AMERICA 24/7