Perhaps you were one of the millions who tuned into Super Bowl XXV on the evening of January 28, 1991, to watch the New York Giants take on the Buffalo Bills. It was a game that still today, most remember, because of the way it ended.

The Giants took a 20-19 lead very late in the game. Buffalo’s Scott Norwood came on the field to attempt to kick a 47-yard field goal with only seconds remaining, in hopes to bring the Buffalo Bills their first Super Bowl win.

Norwood, known at the time to be one of the very best, seemed to be poised to bring his team and Buffalo, New York the win they had all been dreaming of.

Nothing could have prepared Scott for what happened next. The ball left his foot and, seconds later, Scott, along with millions of others, realized that the ball veered to the right, missing the uprights.

Not many people could even imagine the disappointment and despair Scott felt at that moment. Later, Scott was interviewed saying how he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had let down an entire city.

A few days after the game, the City of Buffalo held a welcome home celebration in Niagara Square to celebrate the Bills great season. Thousands and thousands were in attendance and, as the ceremony began, the crowd began to chant Norwood’s name. Scott wanted to remain in the back of the group, but the fans continued chanting louder and louder until he slowly began to walk up front. It was then, as Scott stood before them, that the fans expressed their forgiveness with an unforgettable standing ovation.

I can only imagine how that must have made Scott feel at that moment. Instead of mean and ugly things being said, grace was extended.

Perhaps you’re experiencing a time right now in your own life where you could use some grace. Maybe you’ve made a big mistake, or you remember when you’ve missed a few field goals in life yourself.

Did you know that we serve a God who loves us so much, he allows us “Do-overs?” He extends His Grace and picks us up, and He gives us the strength to go on.

We all fall short and make mistakes. Be encouraged today!

Although the Buffalo Bills were not awarded a do-over when they missed their field goal, with our God, He picks up the ball, pitches it back to us and says, “Let’s try that again.”

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today!


Bradley Shotts began working at Wayne Boze Funeral Home on October 15, 2007. He serves as a funeral director and embalmer and loves working and serving the Waxahachie community! He is a member of the Waxahachie Rotary Club and is a member of the Ellis County Sheriff's Posse. Brad is also a member of the North Texas Patriot Guard, standing and honoring our fallen heroes and veterans that have served our great Nation.