Each of us has something that is very powerful. It has the ability to lift someone up or to tear someone to shreds! I’m obviously talking about the tongue!

Have you ever laid in bed at night stewing over what someone said to you and not being able to sleep?

Your tongue has the ability to sing praises or to lash out! To build up or to tear down!

Have you ever been around someone who sits around and puts people down all the time or seems to always find fault in another? It’s exhausting to listen to someone who does that!

In James, the Bible talks about the tongue being a little member of the body but can cause great damage and harm….

Let me encourage you to be slow to speak…. Slow to anger……

Think before you say something about another……

Use your tongue as a tool to encourage someone!

The words you speak could have a lasting effect on someone…. We determine with our tongues if that lasting impression is negative or positive.

Dear God, may we speak to others as you would have us speak! May we use this small member of our body to encourage others and build up those who need a loving word spoken to them!

A small encouraging word can change someone’s life!

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today!


Bradley Shotts began working at Wayne Boze Funeral Home on October 15, 2007. He serves as a funeral director and embalmer and loves working and serving the Waxahachie community! He is a member of the Waxahachie Rotary Club and is a member of the Ellis County Sheriff's Posse. Brad is also a member of the North Texas Patriot Guard, standing and honoring our fallen heroes and veterans that have served our great Nation.