The world’s greatest Border Collie mix lives at our house, and his name is Champ (because it’s the best dog name ever). One day we saw an ad in the paper that a dog had been found. The ad also listed he was the best kind of dog, “FREE.” The rest is history.

Champ ate most of a deck and about half the wood on the back of our 100-year-old home in the city's historic district (which means by the railroad tracks) before he got over his puppy stage. Like they say, “Good times.”

When my favorite barista quit college and moved to Dallas to be grown up, he asked if he could take Champ with him. Every boy needs a dog, so Champ and Jack set off for the big city. Jack did better than Champ, after a year of city life the dog came back home (the boy did not). All‘s well that ends well.

The college sophomore adopted a three-legged cat last year, but Oscar has lived up to his name. Oscar's a grouch, so he is coming to live on the back porch of our house. We all know cats are not Christians so we will do our best to convert him.

The point is Champ's going to college! I think there's a book series in this somewhere: Champ Goes to the City, Champ Goes Home, Champ Goes to College. We will see if dorm life agrees with this 67 pound smiling, happy dog.

What does all of this have to do with God? Not much except for its everyday life stuff and God cares about the everyday life stuff. When people were hungry, Jesus fed them, when they were sick the great physician helped them recover. When they had questions about the life, he answered them and gave them direction. He still does things like that. We just have to ask (it’s called prayer).

In Matthew 6 we are told not to worry about the everyday life stuff. What we will eat or drink or about what we will wear, “Be faithful,” Jesus said.

I have been reading through Ecclesiastes. Solomon has become my hero. This guy tells us “go ahead and have a good time and get the most out of life. That’s it - eat, drink, and make the most of your job. It’s God gift (Ecclesiastes 3:12 & 13).”

Do the work God has given you, enjoy it, do your best. This everyday life stuff brings glory to God. Is that your metric? The way you measure your day, your life, it has become mine. He told me to tell you that.