We were contacted the other day by a concerned citizen about individuals going door to door and soliciting. Many of the cities within Ellis county have some type of ordinance pertaining to solicitors, but the county does not.

What we encourage citizens to do if they do not feel comfortable with the individual(s) going door to door is contact the Ellis County sheriff’s office and let one of our deputies make contact with the solicitor. The big companies, which send out salespersons will require them to have some type of clothing which identifies them and also a name badge with a picture. We have also encouraged the salesperson to contact our dispatch and let us know where they will be in case we get a call.

It is sad that we live in this type world, but we would rather be cautious and keep everyone safe rather than take something for granted.

Please join us for Coffee with a Cop Monday morning, Nov. 19 at the Midlothian Starbucks from 7 a.m. — 9 p.m. It is hosted by the Midlothian Police Department and the Ellis County Sheriff's Office.