MIDLOTHIAN — The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of the year to spread some spirit and cheer. However, that’s not the kind of “cheer” this group is enjoying.

It is time to break-out the new uniforms, the new routines, and a brand, new season of competitive cheerleading.


Liberty Cheer All-Stars (LCA or Liberty) is beginning its 12th season in Midlothian. This Christian-based gym prides itself on teaching, training, and pushing its 400-plus athletes and 20 teams to achieve success at their highest level of potential. In fact, the gym’s mantra is based on the Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”

The LCA gym is conveniently located at 3390 North Highway 67, just north of town. This family-owned organization has been in their current facility, a 20,000-square foot building complete with heat and air-conditioning, since August 2013.

One of the owners, Lyndsey (Brown) Rose explained, “We have three full-size spring floors, two tumble tracks, two trampolines, a large foam pit, and a climbing rope. We also are proud of our separate balance beam area and a full bar area, plus a vaulting area that can run multiple vaulting stations for gymnastics.”

Mrs. Rose continued, “In addition, we offer large parent viewing areas, one upstairs, and a smaller one downstairs, as well as a fully-stocked pro-shop that my mom (Cathy Brown) runs and where she customizes our licensed cheer merchandise for sale.”

LCA is a tight-knit family business, with owners listed as Mrs. Rose, her sister-in-law Ashley Brown (married to her brother David Brown), and parents Sam and Cathy Brown. They also employ a cousin Gracie Redmon who handles the front desk duties.

Liberty has 20 different instructors, and two in that number are former athletes of LCA and now serve as coaches. They also have some junior coaches who are also current athletes at this gym.

Since this organization was established in 2006, Liberty has been awarded both regional and national titles, as well as being active competitors at NCA, SC, ACP, ACA, The Summit, The One Finals and U.S. Finals events.

As a special note, Liberty has received National Championship titles for the past 11 years consecutively.

According to Mrs. Rose, "LCA started attending the National Cheerleaders Association events in 2011. This elite organization is the ultimate level in the sport of cheerleading, and we are very proud of the fact that we have been awarded 3 NCA national titles.”


Liberty offers classes to children three to 18 years of age.

Their programs list the following classes: recreational and competitive gymnastics, tumble, and cheer for all ages and levels. A special program that they have created recently is recreational Ninja Zone classes.

To explain, it’s a twist to a usual gymnastics class, with a side of ninja.

LCA’s non-competitive cheer team is for all ages, three to 15 years old, and it’s great for those families who can’t commit to a year-long season, but they want their child to learn how to cheer and perform a routine. They also offer All-Star cheer teams, beginner through Level 4, and gymnastics teams, up to level six.

Liberty Cheer All-Stars’ literature states, “Our main goal in cheer is staying competitive and maintaining the same quality of exceptional service. Our coaching staff attends every available conference so we can to stay up-to-date with all the current trends, and we are constantly networking with industry leaders. Since the sport of cheerleading is a very competitive business, we strive to use only top choreographers, music producers, etc. It is a must that we remain innovative.”

Liberty is very proud to present special needs children the opportunity to be a part of their own team who trains and then performs at multiple cheer events during the year. These amazing athletes inspire and bring tears to the eyes of the audiences every time they hit the mat.

Also, Liberty makes private lessons available, and they promote birthday parties using their facilities, too.


The sport of gymnastics is a big player in the LCA gym as well. Their coaching staff strives to help every gymnast reach their potential while maintaining a healthy moral atmosphere, positive role models, and keeping the joy their sport can offer. LCA’s goal is to watch their athletes develop their talents through strength, skills, confidence, flexibility, grace, poise and determination.

Jennifer Malone Anderson, one of the gymnastics instructors, relays, “While not every child can be an Olympian, every child can feel like a champion when they take the floor to compete and perform. And while winning isn’t everything, it is a bi-product of a passionate, knowledgeable and committed coaching staff and owners.”

Liberty offers a full range program for gymnastics, starting with Mommy and Me classes, Pre-School and School-Age Recreational classes, In-House Teams, and TAAF/USAG Competitive Teams.


The 2017-18 cheer season is just getting underway, but one of Liberty’s teams opened with a significant win on Oct. 28 in Shreveport, Louisiana. LCA’s Senior Level 4 Coed team was awarded the Grand Champion of Level 4 at the Spirit Celebrations Louisiana State Championships. In addition, they won the following other titles for their outstanding performance: “Best Building,” “Best Jumps,” and “Best Tumbling.”

However, their most prestigious award of the day came when this special group was voted to receive the bid to compete at “The Summit” in Orlando, Florida next spring.


When asked what the most rewarding part of being a cheer/gymnastics coach is, another owner, Ashley Brown, who replied, “The most rewarding thing about our job is when we get to see all the perseverance and dedication of our athletes pay off, or even when they accomplish a new goal. We especially enjoy watching them grow as individuals and become leaders.”

Ms. Brown also adds, “We actually have an inspirational Bible verse of the season that was chosen by our athletes, coaches, and owners during our team bonding camp this summer. “Jesus said, everything is possible for one who believes (Mark 9:23)."

Quoting one of the other gym owners, Mrs. Rose explains in closing, “Our girls and boys are all a part of a select sport in which they get to share their passion with their fellow athletes, coaches, and fans. As coaches, we get the opportunity to get to know these team athletes on a more personal level because they are in the gym for many hours a week. All our athletes are an extension of our family, and we are blessed to get to watch them grow, not only as athletes but also as young men and women of our future.”


Ms. Brown remarks, “We are so excited for our teams to hit the mat this season. They have worked so hard over the summer, and now that hard work shows. Our LCA teams blew us away at our recent show-off performance last Saturday evening, November 12th, in our home gym.”

The young people that represent the Liberty Cheer All-Stars are well-prepared and chomping at the bit. To these focused cheerleaders, December means they are about to begin their own style of seasonal “cheer.”