To the Editor,

Yes it is true that no one, however moral we present ourselves to be, is beyond the indiscretions we have participated in. And while we may have hidden them from public scrutiny, sooner or later we must come to terms with them within.

Some of us will offer answers. Others of us will offer excuses. Yet still others will use the opportunity to chastise the victims in order to lessen the indiscretion or the negative view of our actions. But any action beyond acceptance of the reality is pointless in the long view. And serves no one.

There is no boundaries on negative behaviour. No labels to contain it to a certain group, to one train of political thought or even to one religion. For it exists within us all. And being responsible for it is the first step to helping us getting past it, not seeking to place that responsibility elsewhere or due to external forces.

The many examples laid before us recently in an endless parade, the result of either a turn of societal attitudes or a participation in the indiscretion d' jour, offer us all a chance to examine where we are as a people but better yet, how we are as a person. Do we spend time condemning others or examining within? And by doing so, improving ourselves and hopefully our nation? Will either one help? You decide for yourself. I'm busy in my own kitchen.

Forgiveness is not forgetting a indiscretion. It's just a better way of using it.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie