An internet link on a personal device led to the arrest of a Maypearl woman for the murder of her husband.

Police arrested Sandra Louise Garner, 55, Wednesday, Jan. 10 — nine days after her husband, 42-year-old Jon Garner, was found dead in their home in the 100 block of Creekview Circle from a gunshot wound at 12:50 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 2. Her bond is set at $2 million.

According to information released by Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton, the autopsy — ordered by Ellis County Pct. 1 Justice of Peace Judge Joyce Lindauer and performed by the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office — revealed a "small caliber projectile" lodged in the husband's body.

"These projectiles were identified as .38 caliber," stated Norton, who also noted a search warrant executed by the Ellis County Sherriff's Office at the residence found a small caliber projectile in a pillowcase in the master bedroom.

According to Norton, the pillowcase was found in proximity to the decedent's body. The search also resulted in the seizure of multiple electronic devices.

It was on one of those devices, belonging to Sandra Garner, that an internet link related to "how to kill someone and not get caught" was found.


Norton stated Sandra Garner called 911 on the night of the murder. She later told investigators she "was awakened by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and flashlight inside of her residence."

"Ms. Garner told investigators that the intruder told her he was not there to harm her. Ms. Garner said the perpetrator told her he held a grudge against her husband because of work-related matters," Norton stated. "Ms. Garner said she was instructed to open their home safe and gave the intruder approximately $18,000."

Sandra Garner then informed the investigators that she was instructed to "go into the bathroom and count to 100" until the intruder left the residence. She also stated that if she did not, he would come back and kill her.


Norton stated a follow-up investigation occurred Jan. 5 based on findings from the initial crime scene and interviews conducted by investigators. The first search was conducted throughout the day of the Jan. 2 murder.

During that second search, investigators discovered a .38-caliber Taurus handgun inside a parked Ford Mustang. Norton noted the gun was wrapped in a paper towel inside of two plastic bags.

"Investigators noted this vehicle was searched during the first search at the residence on Jan. 2 and did not find this firearm," Norton stated. "It was apparent this firearm was moved to the vehicle after the initial search conducted on Jan. 2."

He added, "The .38 (caliber) Taurus handgun along with the two recovered projectiles were taken the Department of Public Safety crime lab in Garland, Texas for analysis."

The crime lab notified investigators on Wednesday, Jan. 10 that the projectiles used to kill Jon Garner matched those of the .38-caliber Taurus found inside the vehicle at the residence.

Maypearl Police arrested Sandra Garner on Wednesday, Jan. 10. She is charged with the murder of her husband, Jon Garner, and assessed a $2 million bond. According to Norton, Sandra Garner has lived in Maypearl for the last several years after relocating from Lamar County.