To the Editor,

I'm so grateful to have woken up this first day of a new year in a warm house with people who love me in great place full of good people. I have enough food and adequate clothing to keep me warm. I know that part of my life is stable. I am indeed blessed.

Yet many this day do not have that stability, right here in Waxahachie that face the cold winds of uncertainty all the time. Everyday for them is a struggle to keep shelter and food available for themselves and their family. What they have today can be gone tomorrow. I know that sometimes people are where they put themselves and receive the fruits of their actions. And I also know that people are also sometimes victims of circumstances beyond their control. I have experienced both.

We should never dismiss others based on where they are in comparison to where we are. For they still deserve the kindness and the dignity we afford to ourselves. Maybe sharing that with them can help. Maybe not. But we should try anyway. For that will make the New Year better for them and for ourselves. And for our town.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie